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Whether you have never ridden and are looking for a new challenge or you’ve ridden heaps and are just looking to try a new event, has you covered. They have this handy little map that helps you decide which equestrian sport to get into. After you follow a path to your destiny, read the little description of the event. May the odds be ever in your favour!


Special Guest #6

This gorgeous girl is Sable. She is 14 and looking for a new best friend. Sable, along with a few other lovable horses, are located at the San Diego County Animal Shelter (Benita). Go visit her and give her some love!

The Photos Say it All.

A total of 6hrs in the saddle and it still wasn’t enough. My mom asked what I planned to do for my birthday, the first thing that popped into my head was ‘I want to go riding’. I’m still not used to the fact that I get to ride all the time and get paid for it.

A ride across this island with A man and his horse

Freevance Writing

It all started when I saw a diesel 2500 cummins pull up to the gas station and I decided I had to talk to the driver. This choice would change my view on life and touch my heart all at once. It was weird seeing such a large truck in Greece much less on an island. The man was about 5’9″ had snow white hair and was not really out of shape for his age. As I talked to man I found out he had a farm which explains the diesel truck. I asked him if he knew of a place to go horseback riding. However the only one on the island was one of those rides for kids where the horses reigns are tied to the horse in front of you. When he asked about my accent I told him I was American. His face lit up like a…

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A Gift From My Horse — Little Pieces Of Me

Yesterday I took Tucker over to the local trail system, just the two of us. It is not uncommon for us to ride out on these trails alone. In fact, this Summer we have spent many an evening and several weekdays enjoying these paths together. Given the off hours we are usually there, we typically […]

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Back Scratching, Equine Style


I was taking a photo of one of the Assateague ponies when I was shocked to see a mare drop to the ground.

What the heck? What the heck?

The mare rolled to one side. The mare rolled to one side.

Then to the other side, while kicking and thrashing. Then to the other side, while kicking and thrashing.

Note the expression on her face. Note the expression on her face.

Ah, that feels good! Ah, that feels good!

Finally, she got up, shook off the dust and grass, and nonchalantly walked away. Finally, she got up, shook off the dust and grass, and nonchalantly walked away.

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Learn How To Do Horse Training Effectively

Horse Training Guide


It’s been a hard skill to learn to become a “Horse Whisperer”. It’s a true wonder to how these people know how to calm a horse down, communicate with them and train them effectively. One secret to this however isn’t rocket science and it is all in your timing.

In addition to that, two schools of thoughts when it comes to horse training involves giving adequate freedom to the horse. This particular method is focusing on the natural instincts of the horses. Training a horse using this particular method doesn’t require much hands-on for them to develop their herd dynamics.

It is still essential to know the basics in this sort of drill though natural horse training at Standfardbred Toronto ON requires you to do pretty much nothing. Natural training is perfect for young horses when they reach 2 to 3 years and from this point, you can start to…

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Serious Question

So I have been given the opportunity to help, essentially ‘Re-train’ a problem horse. I am totally psyched but would love to hear people’s experiences and advice. This mare, in a span of 4 years, has been ridden 10 times. So as you can believe, she has become pretty used to (and quite fond of) being a yard ornament. She has learned that getting people off her in any way possible seems to leave her ‘retired’ status in tact. However my feeling is that she simply has not had one person put enough time into her. I want to start from the bottom, LOTS of ground work, first naked then under saddle. To me, this will help a relationship to form. After ground work, I’ll get on her and see how she does.


I would love to hear thoughts so please, please leave me comments below! 🙂


Another happy customer! (Even though she looks angry).

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