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Special Guests

Special Guest #7

This is Finyx. She has a heartwarming story that will make you fall in love with her spirit. She would need an intermediate to experienced rider who has a heart full of love to give. Find out more and read her story HERE.


Special Guest #6

This gorgeous girl is Sable. She is 14 and looking for a new best friend. Sable, along with a few other lovable horses, are located at the San Diego County Animal Shelter (Benita). Go visit her and give her some love!

Special Guest #5

Beautiful BLM Mustang! His adoption fee is only $125. He is currently at the BLM Ridgecrest holding facility. Would be a good project for someone willing to put time and effort into this boy. Go check him out! Application HERE

Special Guests 3 & 4

So since I was terrible about my schedule to present Special Guests, I’m posting two today. They are both in the same location along with a few others. These two were selected by a scientific method called eeni-meeni-minie-moe. I hope we can find them a home!


This flea bitten gray is named Paloma, a 25 year old mare. She is  currently available at the San Diego County Shelter (Benita location). Go check her out and give her some love!



Our second guest is Cherokee! A 19 year old with the most stunning coat! 😍 He is in the Benita location as well. Check out these two and all the other critters they currently have at San Diego County Shelter’s 3 locations!

Special Guest #2

This is Ireland, a beautiful Andalusian at HiCaliber Horse Rescue. This rescue is by far one of my favourites. They have passion and determination to do everything they can for horses without love. They attend auctions, I dare to say ‘religiously’! Go check out more of their wonderful prospects. 🙂

Special Guest #ONE

Every week I will post a horse who is looking for a home. These may be from any number of sites, including: humane societies, Craigslist, horse rescues etc. How I choose who to feature is based solely on my reaction to ad photos and such. Nothing professional. You must make your own decision.

So without further ado, I give you my first featured horse.

This is Chaz, a 17yr old Arabian gelding standing 14.3h. He is currently at Native Wind Ranch in Fallbrook, CA. The owner is seeking someone with a fare bit of riding experience. Full Ad Here

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