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Check out the Redhead in the Green!


Took this cutie out today and had a bit of fun.




Equine services available!

Whether you have never ridden and are looking for a new challenge or you’ve ridden heaps and are just looking to try a new event, has you covered. They have this handy little map that helps you decide which equestrian sport to get into. After you follow a path to your destiny, read the little description of the event. May the odds be ever in your favour!

Serious Question

So I have been given the opportunity to help, essentially ‘Re-train’ a problem horse. I am totally psyched but would love to hear people’s experiences and advice. This mare, in a span of 4 years, has been ridden 10 times. So as you can believe, she has become pretty used to (and quite fond of) being a yard ornament. She has learned that getting people off her in any way possible seems to leave her ‘retired’ status in tact. However my feeling is that she simply has not had one person put enough time into her. I want to start from the bottom, LOTS of ground work, first naked then under saddle. To me, this will help a relationship to form. After ground work, I’ll get on her and see how she does.


I would love to hear thoughts so please, please leave me comments below! 🙂


Another happy customer! (Even though she looks angry).

I, like many people, like to look for natural products for my animals. Essential oils have always come up in my searches and I like to see what each one is good for. Here’s a quick list of oils and their equine uses!

 (This list was posted on Pinterest by Minnie Kujac.) 

If the Halter Fits!

One of the horse rescues that I follow shared an article that I thought was perfect for me to post! It is about how to properly fit and tie rope halters! You can check out the article HERE. Then feel free to purchase one of my hand made rope halters to test it out! 😜

Screenshot credit to Horse Sense
Screenshot credit to Horse Sense

What this means… — Changing Reins

So as many of you have guessed, the name of this blog has been changed. My reasoning is that I want to share not just one but two passions in my life. I love hunting, but I also love horses. Yes, I was, and still am, that crazy horse child wearing the majestic horses in […]

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EQyss Barn Barrier Spray Review — A Horse For Elinor

Quick Tip On An All Natural Fly Repellant. I got the opportunity to test this all natural fly spray, and have used it in all sorts of conditions for several weeks now. There’s no oily residue, it smells absolutely fantastic, and it’s citronella free – for horses where that’s important. I really like that it’s […]

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