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I discovered this beautiful artwork in one of those cheap equestrian magazines that can be found in any local feed store. The artist’s name is N.A. Noel. The publication Elite Equestrian Magazine, featured an article about Noel along with a small gallery of her equine work.

Here are two pieces featured in the article:

And a couple of my favourites:

Art heals, informs, transforms and inspires.’ – Elite Equestrian Magazine

Click the links above to view more of N.A. Noel’s art and read more from Elite Equestrian!


Facebook post saves a horse from slaughter — and perhaps many more in the future — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

By Tom Eblen as published on Lexington Herald Leader She was a 10-year-old Belgian in Pennsylvania, a former work horse, rescued from a slaughter pen with hooves so damaged she could barely walk. It was a slow Saturday afternoon in January at the L.V. Harkness & Co. store on Short Street. Owner Meg Jewett was […]

via Facebook post saves a horse from slaughter — and perhaps many more in the future — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

This Olympian knows what it means to really love your four-legged companion. Many don’t understand that some of our best friends have  four legs and hair, they never speak yet we hear and understand them. Sometimes more than humans. Read the tear jerking story here.

Olympic Spoiler!

The post is aptly named! If you haven’t watched yet because you recorded it, don’t read any further!

Through the many disastrous attempts, our three medalists emerged! NBC (along with other news sources) wrote a story about the USA Team’s oldest Olympia bringing home an equestrian medal! Phillip Dutton is bringing home a medal, for eventing, at age 52. His birthday is coming up but what do you get a man who just won an Olympic medal!? Seems like that’s the best gift an athlete could ask for!

Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice (Photo Credit: USET Cealy Tetley)
Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice (Photo Credit: USET Cealy Tetley)

Pushkar Fair/ Thru my lens-Flashback

Pictures from Pushkar Fair clicked last year.

Source: Pushkar Fair/ Thru my lens-Flashback

Talk Derby To Me!

Humans have to deal with mental and emotional distress almost every day. True it is to varying degrees but we have all dealt with it. Many times people forget that animals go through this too. published an article about the mental challenges that a modern day horse goes through. (Click the link above to read the full article.)

A photo series demonstrating a theory posed in the article.


Speaking Without Words

True horse lovers, and animal lovers in general, often think about our communication with our furry (or perhaps feathered) friends.

Horse & Country did a story on some new technology that will help us read a horse’s body language. Check it out!

“This can go some way to understanding its emotional state. Using equipment that can help us measure and understand behaviour would provide important insights into how we can communicate with animals more,” she added. (Full article By Lucy Hughes on 15th-Jul-2016)

Real Life Cowboys

This magazine liked some of my posts so I checked out their site. They have stunning images that accompany eye-opening stories! It’s not all equine related but it is all relevant, I recommend a visit to their site!

Florida Cowboys – Their History & Daily Lives

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