I went to visit my godmom’s yesterday to help her out around the barn (And sneak out onto the trail for a bit). I rode an 11yr old named Grace. She got back from boot camp not too long ago and is so much better! Currently teaching her how to neck rein.

After my ride I got a short tractor lesson. When in doubt, clutch and brake, CLUTCH AND BRAKE! Luckily I didn’t crash into anything important or otherwise! (P.s. I do not think tractors are sexy)

Also while at my godmom’s I got to test more of my halters and guess what…they fit perfect! Moddy (the Fjord) has an odd head so no halter really fits her perfect. However, Grace looked beautiful in the yellow and grey Cob I made. If you would like to order one or have a special order request you’d like me to make, let me know!