Light weight and inexpensive, not the usual combination we see in the horse world! πŸ˜›

Wild Horse Project

I will post more pictures soon, but I was proud of how these turned out. I walked into Home Depot, all by myself, with no specific plans. Grabbed a bunch of random stuff and voila! Jumps!

Recipe for the Jumps:

  • 4- 10 foot long 1.5 inch PVC pipes
  • 2- 10 foot long 3 inch PVC pipes
  • 4- U Bolts (in the hardware aisle, for non-building people)
  • 256 in/21.3 ft of wood (2x4s, left over wood around the ranch, etc.)
  • 2 – Cans Rustoleom paint (make sure the get the 3x one that adheres to plastic)
  • Painters Tape
  • 1- fake grandpa (optional)
  • 1- husband with tools (optional)

So the larger PVC pipes, 3 inches in diameter, make the standards. Just cut those in half, and you have 4 five-foot tall posts.

Take the extra wood you have lying around (or two by fours, etc) and cut 16 sixteen inch sections. This…

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